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5 questions for March's guest stylist: Ms Fitz!

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Inspired for March by vibrant street style and alley cat glamour, our choice for this month's guest stylist was almost too obvious: the Brooklyn by way of Australia "fashion icon unto herself" (MTV) - Ms. Fitz! Known for her over-the-top, fabulous, and colorful collaborations, Ms. Fitz paired our beautiful silk bombers with layers of Gucci, Versace, and 90's vintage.

Mimis caught up with Ms. Fitz behind the scenes to find out what exactly is behind all this trashy genius. 

Where did you draw your inspiration for our March 2014 window? 

"I love mixing and matching patterns, and I was super inspired by the incredible collection of vintage Versace and Gucci available at Screaming Mimis. Eric Vidmar created the set - it reminds me a lot of the aesthetic and style of Bushwick - a kind of trash meets glamour moment." 

If you could be reincarnated as yourself in a different decade, which would you pick? 

"I really wish I'd been a teen in the early 80's."

I never leave the house without...

"My Prada sunglasses."

If you could style one person, living or dead, who would it be?

"Um, Madonna!"

Tell us about the most ridiculous accessory or piece of clothing you own.

 "I own one of those camouflage Ghillie suits for swamp hunting! Haven't had an opportunity to wear it yet!!  


For more on Ms. Fitz, check out her site:


Screaming Mimis

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