Prom Throwback!

Now that our new vintage prom collection is up, we thought we'd celebrate with a #throwback of our own: a photo collage of our staff at their own proms!

Some of us wore vintage, and Melissa (bottom center) even got her dress from Screaming Mimis!


Stay tuned to our blog and our Instagram for vintage prom inspiration. 



Screaming Mimis


Vintage Valentines!

It's February and although at this time of year it feels like winter will never end, we always look forward to Valentine's Day! It's a great excuse to wear something a little sexy and eat fancy chocolates all day. 

This year we're celebrating with a selection of romantic vintage lockets, cameos, and frilly lingerie-- some from the '50s and '60s! Plus in the store we've got an adorable collection of real vintage valentines like those pictured above. 



Screaming Mimis 

Skiing through the Seventies!

Winter is in full swing and we're ready to hit the slopes-- vintage style! Plus the '70s are having a moment, with American Hustle and Anchorman 2 (for which we provided some wardrobe!) in theaters now. So why not have some fun with the fashion of 1970s skiiers

Whether you're going to a retro theme party or you want to bring some personality to a mountain covered in North Face, we think you'll love our newest collection