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Prom Throwback!

Now that our new vintage prom collection is up, we thought we'd celebrate with a #throwback of our own: a photo collage of our staff at their own proms!

Some of us wore vintage, and Melissa (bottom center) even got her dress from Screaming Mimis!


Stay tuned to our blog and our Instagram for vintage prom inspiration. 



Screaming Mimis


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5 questions for March's guest stylist: Ms Fitz!

Inspired for March by vibrant street style and alley cat glamour, our choice for this month's guest stylist was almost too obvious: the Brooklyn by way of Australia "fashion icon unto herself" (MTV) - Ms. Fitz! Known for her over-the-top, fabulous, and colorful collaborations, Ms. Fitz paired our beautiful silk bombers with layers of Gucci, Versace, and 90's vintage.

Mimis caught up with Ms. Fitz behind the scenes to find out what exactly is behind all this trashy genius. 

Where did you draw your inspiration for our March 2014 window? 

"I love mixing and matching patterns, and I was super inspired by the incredible collection of vintage Versace and Gucci available at Screaming Mimis. Eric Vidmar created the set - it reminds me a lot of the aesthetic and style of Bushwick - a kind of trash meets glamour moment." 

If you could be reincarnated as yourself in a different decade, which would you pick? 

"I really wish I'd been a teen in the early 80's."

I never leave the house without...

"My Prada sunglasses."

If you could style one person, living or dead, who would it be?

"Um, Madonna!"

Tell us about the most ridiculous accessory or piece of clothing you own.

 "I own one of those camouflage Ghillie suits for swamp hunting! Haven't had an opportunity to wear it yet!!  


For more on Ms. Fitz, check out her site:


Screaming Mimis

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Vintage Valentines!

It's February and although at this time of year it feels like winter will never end, we always look forward to Valentine's Day! It's a great excuse to wear something a little sexy and eat fancy chocolates all day. 

This year we're celebrating with a selection of romantic vintage lockets, cameos, and frilly lingerie-- some from the '50s and '60s! Plus in the store we've got an adorable collection of real vintage valentines like those pictured above. 



Screaming Mimis 

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Skiing through the Seventies!

Winter is in full swing and we're ready to hit the slopes-- vintage style! Plus the '70s are having a moment, with American Hustle and Anchorman 2 (for which we provided some wardrobe!) in theaters now. So why not have some fun with the fashion of 1970s skiiers

Whether you're going to a retro theme party or you want to bring some personality to a mountain covered in North Face, we think you'll love our newest collection


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Screaming Mimi's Christmas Party!

Last night was the Screaming Mimi's annual holiday staff party! We kicked off the night by heading over to the cozy St. Dymphnas Bar & Restaurant where we let off some retail steam with food, drinks, and British Christmas crackers.

Donning our stylish new crowns, we exchanged (plaid themed) Secret Santa presents. Meredith's gift to Laura, a plaid hat complete with its very own snowman steaming a pink gingham dress, was a staff favorite. 

When we were sufficiently warm and filled with holiday cheer, we braved the cold winter night to see what NYC's Christmas window displays had to offer.

The first stop was Rockefeller Center where we rocked around the Christmas tree!


Next, we checked out Saks Fifth's windows, which turned out to be an endearing story of a snow making Yeti (who looked strikingly similar to some of our faux fur coats). 

Over at Bloomingdale's we admired their glittery rotating gift boxes, each featuring holiday shoppers from around the world. Even The Queen was there! 

Berdorf Goodman's was next on the list. Their "Holidays on Ice" themed windows were truly amazing. From April Fools, to Valentines Day, Fourth of July, and Arbor Day too, they had it all, each with a wintry twist. Attention to detail and creativity came together to create some of our favorite window displays of the night.


We ended our evening with a visit to Lord and Taylor. Their vintage inspired, paperdoll-esque, windows really struck close to home! But what won us over was the photo booth that accompanied their displays, which we took full advantage of! 



The holidays makes everything more fun, including the windows of New York! While each storefront we visited illustrated the holiday season through different motifs and materials (and varying degrees of glitter), from Sak's to Bergdorf's we felt the unity of the holiday season. I guess our staff is kind of like the windows of New York's finest retail stores, each different, and little weird, but still together. So grab some friends and a hot chocolate and look at the windows! And when you do, make sure you stop by Screaming Mimi's, our window shines as bright as the rest!


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