About Us

 A favorite destination for designers on the hunt for inspiration and beloved by celebrities, models, fashion bloggers, and tourists alike, Screaming Mimis is praised for its fresh perspective on vintage style. Since the late 1970s, this NYC landmark has catered to the stylish and fashion-forward.

The shop is a treasure trove of highly curated period gems. Screaming Mimis creates a total look for both men and women from the store's extensive wardrobe and carries a full range of accessories including jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, handbags and more. The quirky classics in stock date from as early as the 1920s to the very sought after 90s.

For Halloween or any theme party, this vintage hotspot is the place to get that over-the-top, authentic costume that no one else in the room will have. Additionally, Screaming Mimis houses a private penthouse of designer and specialty garments boasting an under-the-radar reputation with stylists and serious fashionistas as the best spot to snag high-end vintage at the best prices.